Frequently Asked Questions
  • I don’t have a registration code – How can I register?

    We are a private network of traders. To join dubips, you need to get invited by an existing member or a partner. However, you can apply for a membership.

  • Is there an age restriction for the users of dubips?

    In order to trade on a trading account, the users must be over 18 years of age.

  • Why dubips is different to other platforms?

    We don’t copy trades! On dubips, you will get trading signals from trading strategies. There are no human interactions; the signals will be generated fully automated. All trades are logically based on strategies and on your chosen settings.

  • Why I have a losing trade in my account and on the webpage it is in profit?

    We don’t copy trades. If we would copy trades, your open positions would get closed immediately, once the trades you can see on our web platform get closed. As the spread can vary from broker to broker, it could be the wrong time to close your position. It might be possible, that a position on the web page shown is in take profit, while it ends up in Stop Loss on your trading account. To minimize this risk, you can go to your Account Settings on dubips and increase the “Additional Pips” value e.g. to 1.5. Now your take profit will be 1.5 pips less and your Stop Loss will has 1.5 additional pips. Regarding to this settings, it can be possible as well, that your trade is a winning trade and the trade shown on the web page will be a loosing trade.

  • Why my Stop Loss is more far away then the stop loss shown on the trade on the web page?

    We use our smart trading technology to protect our traders. The “soft” Stop Loss will be still the same you can see on our web page. We will set a “hard” Stop Loss with (mostly) 50.0 additional pips. In case there is a spike or your broker increases the spread, your Stop Loss won’t get triggered, which keeps your position in the market. Once the spread is getting back to a normal range, the “soft” Stop Loss will be active again. Keep in mind, that there will be 50.0 additional pips! In case you modify the Stop Loss of an open dubips position, don’t forget to add 50.0 additional pips on the Stop Loss. Your Stop Loss will get triggered once there are less than 50.0 pips.

  • Is dubips for free?

    We will not charge the users directly on our platform, the platform itself will be for free. To use dubips, you need to open a trading account with one of our supported brokers. We will get a rebate from the broker to cover our costs.

  • Do I need to transfer money to dubips to start trading?

    No, we don’t keep any funds of clients. You will open a trading account with one of our supported brokers. You will transfer your money to the account of the broker.

  • Do I need to download any software to connect dubips and do I need a VPS?

    No, you don’t need to download a software and you don’t need to run your trading platform on a VPS server. Our smart trading technology provides a backend solution to connect your trading account to your trading portfolio. You just need to select your broker on our platform and provide the account number and password of your trading account. Your account will be fully automated connected within a few minutes. Please make sure that your credentials are correct.

  • How can I keep control of my trading account?

    Anytime, you can disconnect your trading account from your connected portfolio. In case our platform is offline, just change your trading password with your brokers account and there won’t be any access from our side anymore. You can monitor your positions in your trading account in real time using the smartphone app. Our smart trading technology provides plenty of settings for risk management to protect your account and your money.

  • Why all trading positions will be closed on Friday night?

    Saturday and Sunday, the forex market is closed. To avoid a gap on Monday, we close all our positions on Friday night before market is closing. There is no guarantee, that all positions get closed. To avoid holding positions over the weekend, please check your account before the market is closing and close your positions if necessary manually. We won’t have any positions open over the weekend to protect our traders.